A walk through a Foundation Phase classroom – Online Course

A walk through a Foundation Phase classroom is available in English and in Welsh.
It covers everything that you should see in an effective Foundation Phase classroom and covers three main points:
1-What should you see in the environment?
2-What should the adults be doing?
3-What should the children be doing?
It finishes with some key messages and comes with a checklist that can be used to judge where you are on your journey towards excellence.
£200.00 + VAT (20%)

Target Group: FP Leaders, FP Teachers, N/R Teachers, PS1 Teachers
It lasts for about half a day or two 2-hour twilights but that depends totally on how you use it; it could last a whole day with you reflecting on where you are and planning where you need to go as there’s a lot of content contained within it.
It is not a ‘one off’ live webinar that you join and see once!
The training will be yours to keep forever; you can control it and stop and start it when it suits you, going back to it as many times as you want to.
It can be used to train a whole school on an INSET day or in blocks over twilights. It can also be used as a monitoring or self evaluation tool for your own practice.
The price for the whole package including the whole school training and the checklist is £200 + VAT

Course Presenter: Cath Delve

FOUNDATION PHASE/ OUTDOOR LEARNING/ WHOLE SCHOOL ISSUES - Cath provides help, support and guidance to schools and local authorities all over Wales. She is a published author and has 26 years teaching experience in three different schools. She was a deputy headteacher of two and an acting head of one. She is passionate about the wellbeing of children and outdoor learning and presents a wide range of training courses across different areas of the curriculum. Some of her initiatives-such as Messy Monday, Freaky Friday, Igloo and Missions-have been implemented and used by schools all over Wales and even been introduced in England. Alongside her book, she has produced a wide range of resources to support teachers and schools. As well as being a member of the Collective Learning team she is also an independent education consultant, working alongside schools in a variety of ways all over Wales to help them to move forward in every way. Search for Courses

Course Location: Collective Learning Digital Platform

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