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27 September 2021
NEW: Moving the Foundation Phase forward under the New Curriculum SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Cath Delve,
This course is now FULLY BOOKED, it is running again on Wednesday 3rd November 2021, click here to book onto this date

This course will clarify what is happening to the Foundation Phase under the new curriculum in Wales. It will focus on what needs to stay the same and what needs to change.


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27 September 2021
Making Oracy Work for you In the New Curriculum SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Stephanie Vaughan,

The AoLLC stresses the importance of both listening and speaking. With an ability to listen carefully, respond to others and challenge ideas and the skills to express ideas, articulate opinions and explain concepts, pupils become more resourceful and adaptable learners. This course helps your school to develop oracy across the curriculum in FP and KS2 so that pupils talk to learn and talk to express themselves.

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28 September 2021
Using Performance Management to Develop and Measure Successful Futures and the New Professional Standards – SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Gareth Coombes,
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29 September 2021
Outdoor Learning in Primary School – SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenters: Cath Delve, Karen Mills,


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but worms will never hurt me”
Outdoor learning offers our children very special opportunities for play and exploration, real experiences and contact with their natural world.

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30 September 2021
LIVE ONLINE: “Making Connections” Between the Mathematics and Numeracy and Language, Literacy and Communication AoLEs
Presenters: Helen Bowen, Lynwen Barnsley,

Curriculum for Wales 2022 is a holistic curriculum that allows learning to be drawn from across the different areas of learning and experience.

As we begin to embed the new curriculum over the next few years, schools will need to explore how they can make manageable links. How can we use literacy skills in a meaningful way to develop and improve mathematical understanding? Where is the natural overlap?

Collective Learning Zoom meeting

The format of training session will be somewhat different as we will be ‘meeting’ live, but on screen. The training will be for a small group so that we can be interactive. The day will be chunked into a series of bitesize pieces and will include tasks for reflection as well as discussion and collaboration. The day will also provide practical ideas for auditing your current provision, as well as supporting effective implementation of the new curriculum.

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1 October 2021
Science & Technology AoLE in PS3 (Y4, Y5, Y6) SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenters: Karen Mills, Nerys Tudor Jones, Gareth Morgan,

This course is fully booked

We are arranging a repeat for sometime in November2021  – get in touch HERE  if you’d like to book

This course will review the new AoLE for Science & Technology at Y4, Y5, Y6, explain key changes and terminology; suggest effective and challenging activities, resources and learning strategies to support their successful implementation.

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1 October 2021
NEW A Whole School Approach to Nurture SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Angela Coates,

This course will demonstrate that a ‘Whole School Nurturing ethos’ can be achieved throughout the Primary School. It aims to inspire practitioners who are dealing with pupils with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties in the mainstream setting.

Nurture is not just for one class or base within a School, it can be used to problem solve in many situations.

It is every practitioner’s responsibility to develop their strategies for Inclusive Education, so join us for a day of empowerment!

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4 October 2021
NEW Drama for Oracy SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Patrice Baldwin,

This mainly practical course will exemplify and clarify how teachers can use drama strategies as ‘talk’ frames, to help develop oracy across the new curriculum in Wales. It will focus on how to support and develop different types of talk, within shared, imagined situations and contexts.

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4 October 2021
NEW Teaching & Learning – a day of hints and tips with Cath Delve SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Cath Delve,

The Teaching & Learning course is based on Cath’s new book – Being an Effective Primary School Teacher, and everyone attending the course will receive their own copy of the book.

Who is the book for?

The book is for teachers of any age group, in whatever school or LEA you teach in. It is operational, classroom based and as practical as Cath could make it. It is also a book for school and LEA senior leaders.

What does it look like?

There is a section for every letter of the alphabet (see the table below). Each section begins with an introduction, followed by a section headed ‘hints and tips’, a conclusion and finishes with a ‘be aware’ section. It is the same format throughout the book. The hints and tips sections include as many practical examples as possible.

Both the Teaching & Learning course and the book, Being an Effective Primary School Teacher, will provide teachers with a practical guide, a toolkit really, of hints, tips and ideas to help you be a highly effective primary school teacher wherever you are currently teaching.

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4 October 2021
Momentous Marks, Dynamic Drawings! SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Jen Summers,

Mark making to writing – It’s only scribble, isn’t it?

Mark making is integral to the process of creating confident and competent writers. This course examines

mark making in its own right and shares a range of practical and appropriate activities to support this often

neglected and crucial pre-writing stage for 3-5-year-olds.

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5 October 2021
Supporting learner progression through highly effective assessment practices in the Curriculum for Wales SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenters: Gareth Coombes, Huw Duggan,

This two-day Inset will focus on the new arrangements for assessment, as set out in Curriculum for Wales. It will explore how to embed assessment into day-to-day practices. The focus will be specifically on each of the four purposes and identifying means of ascertaining pupil progress. Emphasis will be on doing this with high levels of learner involvement. Resources will be provided to support this.

Dates:  Tue 5th October & Tue 12th October

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5 October 2021
Humanities AoLE in Progression Step 1 (Nursery & Reception) SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenters: Don Trueman, Linzi Robinson,

This course will review the AoLE for Humanities at Nursery/Reception, explaining key changes and terminology; suggesting effective and challenging activities; resources and learning strategies to support successful implementation.  

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5 October 2021
LIVE ONLINE: NEW Good Practice in Guided Group Reading
Presenters: Helen Bowen, Stephanie Vaughan,

Guided Group Reading is a practice that is well-embedded in many schools across Wales. Despite this, many of us often question if we are running our GGR sessions correctly. What should good practice look like across the Foundation Phase and KS2?

As we begin addressing some of the challenges that have impacted on literacy in the last year, why might GGR be more important than ever?

Collective Learning Zoom meetingThe format of the training days will be somewhat different as we will be ‘meeting’ virtually. The sessions will be for a small group so that they can be interactive. The days will be chunked into more bitesize pieces and will include tasks for reflection as well as discussion.

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6 October 2021
NEW Managing Behaviour – Restorative Practice SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Angela Coates,

Have you tried lots of behaviour strategies to no avail? Have you felt like something was missing from your own/your schools approach to behaviour? Are you ‘owning’ the conflict?

Restorative Practice is a behaviour strategy for whole school or whole class communities.

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6 October 2021
Financial Literacy in KS2 – Mathematics & Health and Well-being AoLE SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenter: Gaynor Murphy,

‘Numeracy is a key enabler in making a number of informed decisions, in particular, managing money and supporting good financial decision‑making and critically engaging with social norms around money’ Health & Well-being AoLE (draft 2019).

According to the latest Estyn report Managing Money (July 2017) “not all teachers have the knowledge and skills to help them deliver financial education confidently”

In an increasingly complex financial world, it is important that we develop pupils’ financial capability from an early age to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage money well and to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges that money brings to their lives.

This course will support teachers in identifying opportunities to plan and deliver financial education, as well as advise and provide a wealth of teaching resources.

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7 October 2021
Expressive Arts in PS2 (Y1, Y2, Y3) SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)
Presenters: David Powell; Upbeat Music and Arts, Huw Duggan,

Getting to Grips with the ‘Expressive Arts AoLE’ 

This programme will give you creative and practical strategies for improving and developing the Expressive Arts in years 1, 2 & 3. As well as giving comprehensive and inspiring activities for Progress step 2, delegates will also have time to plan collaboratively for this AoLE, and they can link this to other areas of learning. This course will give inspiring ideas for progress step 2 as well as pedagogical strategies to improve progress in this AoLE.

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