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Online Courses

Train all your staff, whenever it suits them and you!

Our ONLINE courses are digital downloads, and so can be played whenever and wherever it best suits your staff and setting. Once purchased you may download and repeat them any number of times.

The courses come as a set of training sessions along with all the resources and printouts that would usually be handed out on our ordinary attended training courses. Our consultants have worked tirelessly to bring these courses to you at this difficult time when it is so hard to meet.  We hope the mix of pre-recorded lessons and digital presentations still carry a little of that personal, down to earth feel Collective Learning courses are known for.

When ordered a link will be sent to the email address you’ve provided which gives you access to our digital platform, from which you can view and download your course.

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Yn Gymraeg (Welsh Medium)
Sut i roi Asesu Wrth galon CfW a gwneud y mwyaf o gynnydd disgyblion
Presenters: Huw Duggan, Gareth Coombes,
£400.00 + VAT (20%)
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Deall Maes Dysgu a Phrofiad Iechyd a Lles – Cath Delve & Karen Mills
Presenters: Cath Delve, Karen Mills,
£400.00 + VAT (20%)
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Assessment in Learning – Huw Duggan & Gareth Coombes
Presenters: Huw Duggan, Gareth Coombes,
£400.00 + VAT (20%)
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Separation Anxiety – Angela Coates
Presenter: Angela Coates,
£200.00 + VAT (20%)
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Bereavement – Angela Coates
Presenter: Angela Coates,
£200.00 + VAT (20%)
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