What kind of place is this? – Topic Resource – Don Trueman & Linzi Robinson

Investigating and comparing the characteristics of different places & situations and developing descriptive language.

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Target Group: PS1 Teachers, PS2 Teachers
Relevance: Geography / Maths / DC What Matters 1, 2, 3, 4 PS1, PS2
‘What kind of place is this?’ is not so much a discrete topic as an umbrella under which a series of smaller-scale investigations can shelter. ‘What kind of place is this?’ is a question which can be asked many times over during the early years phase and can relate to places large and small, simple or complex, nearby or far away. Ultimately, the aim of such enquiries is to help learners to develop the language and vocabulary to describe with developing accuracy and detail the following:
  • what the essential features of places are and what children feel about them
  • where they are located, both in absolute terms and in relation to other known places or features
  • if, how and why they change over time (through the day, with the seasons, with the weather, etc.)
Most of the language and vocabulary developed answering the question 'What kind of place is this?' will be ordinary, everyday descriptive language, which makes such enquiries essential to the overall development of learners’ oracy and literacy, as well as helping to reinforce issues in Maths and DC.
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