Welsh 2nd Language Resources – Years 3 & 4 – Online

Interactive lessons tailored to support teaching Welsh in years 3 & 4.

£200.00 + VAT (20%)

Target Group: Y3/Y4 Teachers
Lessons include:
  • music
  • videos
  • sketches
  • scripts
  • drama games
All based on a range of different topics such as 'On the Weekend' 'Weather' and 'Illness'.

Special Offer for Whole School Resource

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Course Presenter: Carys Gwent

WELSH - Carys Gwent is a former teacher now working on a freelance basis, developing Welsh Language skills through music and creative activities in English Medium Primary Schools. Last year Carys Gwent was invited by the Welsh department in CSCJES to work with schools to develop Incidental Welsh. As a result of this project, Carys has now launched a Teacher Training Programme and teaching resources to train and support teaching staff by means of an innovative and creative methodology that she has developed.

Course Location: Collective Learning Digital Platform

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