Teaching Masterclass: Highly Effective Differentiation – Online Course

This programme is one of a series of programmes created to help support middle and senior leaders with the implementation and improvement of various aspects of teaching pedagogy, aimed to have an impact on the progression of standards across the school. All the programmes in the series are linked to the ‘Professional teaching standards’ in Wales as well as the ‘twelve pedagogical principles’ set out in the document ‘Successful Futures’, which should be the foundation of all curriculum development in Wales.

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Target Group: Middle and Senior Leaders
  • Getting a shared understanding of differentiation.
  • The four phases of differentiation.
  • The challenge of high challenge.
  • Pre learning of differentiation.
This programme contains a PowerPoint with video, a comprehensive course booklet, and a number of activities designed to promote high quality professional dialogue between individuals and groups of teachers to aid effective professional development. Each programme can be run as a half day inset, or as a series of twilights.  Alternatively, Individual members of staff can work through the programme, at their own pace, in their own time as part of their individual professional development.

Course Presenter: Gareth Coombes

LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT/ ASSESSMENT for LEARNING - Gareth Coombes is an Educational Consultant, he has 17 years’ advisory experience. Previously he has worked as a Challenge Adviser, a Lead Adviser in Newport LA, with a key responsibility for leadership and teaching and learning across the city's 54 primary schools. Prior to that Gareth worked in Torfaen and in an earlier life was a very successful primary headteacher. Gareth Coombes is an Estyn Inspector of both Key Stage 2 and Foundation Phase. He is experienced in international working, particularly in the Far East, most recently in Dubai and Myanmar. In his INSET, he will outline successful strategies, citing the many instances of excellent and good practices that he observes on his travels. His Inset is underpinned by up-to-date educational research. He believes in supporting schools with the 'how to do it' as opposed to the 'what to do'. His style is engaging and varied! He tells it as it is! He has presented at range of conferences. Gareth’s fields of expertise are all aspects of leadership and effective teaching and learning. He has created a series of supportive educational products, particularly Leadership Continua, Middle Leaders Continua, Continua for LSAs, Continua for Kids and materials to support effective self-evaluation and work scrutiny! Most recently he is supporting schools in writing high-quality and much shorter SERs! In partnership, he has re-launched Teaching Continua, currently used in over 500 schools, as an on-line developmental self-evaluation tool for teachers and school development. Gareth Coombes is currently working on materials to support schools in developing Successful Futures. Search for Courses

Course Location: Collective Learning Digital Platform

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