Stepping Stones in Humanities PS1 – PS3

The overall aim of this package of support is to help teachers plan for and implement T&L programmes and experiences in Humanities, which:
  • ensure full coverage of all aspects of the AoLE
  • provide activities and learning experiences, which are appropriately challenging (based on learners’ abilities and prior achievement)
  • ensure that learners’ skills and conceptual understanding are continuously stimulated and developed throughout PS1-3
  • provide rich breeding grounds for cross-curricular and life skills


The resource is an Online PowerPoint course with voice over narration by Don Trueman and includes supporting PDF printouts.

£150.00 + VAT (20%)

Course contents:
  • Introduction: Stepping Stones for Humanities - PDF Doc
  • Section A - B: Aims, Structure, Content and Statements of What Matters
  • Sections C - D: Progression and Notes and Observations of DoL
  • Section E: Exemplification of Progression
  • Appendix 1: Planning and Assessment
  • Appendix 2: Progression in Skills
  • Appendix 3: Development in Language and Vocabulary

Course Presenter: Don Trueman

HISTORY and GEOGRAPHY - Don Trueman supports primary school planning for skills development in History. In more recent years he’s offered support for Geography at primary level and also runs his own consultancy, offering training, teaching sessions and planning / teaching / learning resources. Don Trueman was previously an LEA adviser. Search for courses

Course Location: Collective Learning Digital Platform

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