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Welcome to this Social Story resource pack. Angela Coates has designed these templates as a time saver and guide to help support Education Practitioners in the classroom setting, when dealing with everyday issues.

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Target Group: FP practitioners, Primary Teachers
By breaking down the problem and modelling small steps to success, pupils can be scaffolded in learning to cope  with their difficulties. They might have a diagnosis of ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Attachment Disorder or they may just find certain things challenging.  Angela uses Social stories in her daily practise for all pupils, including in the Mainstream setting. Social Stories are a vehicle for communication. Sometimes explaining and putting in sanctions are not the right strategies to help the pupil. Sometimes they need something else. Be sure to read the Infographic, which explains how to adapt the stories along with some handy tips. Feel free to challenge gender stereotypes with colours etc!

Course Presenter: Angela Coates

EARLY YEARS / WELLBEING - Angela Coates is an Independent Educational Consultant and part time Teacher with over fifteen years of experience working in the early years and primary setting. Angela has spent the last eight years in the Nurture Unit where she developed a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging classes. Angela Coates' role as a part of running the Nurture unit includes advisory work for Mainstream Schools. Pupils in her care attend both settings. Therefore, she has experience of overseeing the fusion of Nurture and Mainstream classes. Angela continues to work as a classroom practitioner 2 days a week but now she runs training courses for schools/parents/educational bodies etc. This allows her to keep her finger on the pulse and remain up to date with current working practice. Angela’s main degree was in Language and Communication, She is an NGN (Now Nurture UK) qualified Nurture Teacher and level 3 OCN Forest School practitioner. Angela is passionate about Nurture and continues to support and guide teachers in the Mainstream and Special Educational settings to successfully deliver the Nurture Curriculum. Search for Courses

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