I’m a Superhero! – Ellen Evans

A practical series of 10 discussion based learning experiences that promote resilience and wellbeing.  No additional resources or teacher planning required making it ideal for virtual meetup lessons.  The skills learnt can be carried through and repeated when face to face teaching resumes and sessions fully support current PSE requirements as well as the New Curriculum for Wales.

Katy, the unlikely superhero is a relatable character who everyone can identify with and is popular with learners from Y1 through to Y7.

I’m a Superhero! is available in both English and Welsh medium.

£45.00 + VAT (20%)

Course Presenter: Ellen Evans

MUSIC and HEALTH & WELLBEING - Ellen Evans' formal teaching career began in London in 1997 before she returned to Wales and held roles including KS3 music co-ordinator, Head of Music in a secondary school and more recently as a Network Leader of Learning for the regional consortium.  In the latter Ellen worked supporting primary schools with their preparations for the New Curriculum for Wales with a particular focus on the DCF and Health and Wellbeing.  Whilst her classroom career was spent working in secondary schools this role also saw Ellen Evans undertake the delivery of extensive primary transition projects in addition to providing advice, training and support for colleagues in the delivery of music across all Keystages and the effective use of music technology in both the primary and secondary sectors.

Course Location: Invoiced School

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