Developing Numerical Reasoning – SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)

Reasoning is fundamental to knowing and doing mathematics and yet it is the area that learners find difficult and the area that is often considered difficult to teach.

This course will provide many practical ideas, activities and resources for developing numerical reasoning effectively. Ideas that can be taken straight back to the classroom.

£190.00 + VAT (20%)

Target Group: Primary Teachers, TAs

Course objectives

The course will answer questions such as:
  • What is reasoning? When should I teach it?
  • What are the specific skills that learners need? How can I teach these skills? Why are these skills so important to understanding mathematics?
  • What do I have to do so that learners can solve problems confidently, tackle non-standard problems, apply their mathematical skills and explain their thinking?
  • How does all this fit into the new AoLE for mathematics and numeracy?

course attendee quote What people say about this course...

"Brilliant training day. Fabulous ideas and resources to use in class. Lynwen is a great trainer and presented the material really well." Course delegate September 2018

"A very valuable course full of ideas to use in the classroom." Course delegate September 2018

"A great day with great ideas. Very thought provoking. Looking forward to using the ideas back at school." Course delegate September 2018

Course Presenter: Lynwen Barnsley

MATHEMATICS & NUMERACY – Lynwen Barnsley provides training and support for schools in all aspects of mathematics and numeracy. Lynwen’s training courses focus on the why and how of teaching mathematics, providing practical ideas and approaches that ensure learners “make sense” of maths and develop as independent mathematical thinkers. Her training covers a wide range of ideas and topics, such as developing numerical reasoning, the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, bar modelling, mastery, problem-solving, mathematical communication and thinking, fluency and flexibility with mathematical ideas, assessment for learning, creativity and using numeracy across the curriculum in meaningful ways. Her Digit Dog character and blog are used in many classrooms to develop mathematical thinking and reasoning in young learners. Lynwen Barnsley also works across the UK as a consultant for Numicon and Inspire Maths (OUP) and has many years experience as a CAME and Let’s Think  tutor. Search for Courses

Course Location: South Wales

CARDIFF: Future Inn, Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay CF10 4AU START TIME: 8.30am coffee and registration for a 9.00am start
The Future Inn, Cardiff Bay