NEW Teaching & Learning – a day of hints and tips with Cath Delve SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)

Course date: 4th Oct 2021

The Teaching & Learning course is based on Cath’s new book – Being an Effective Primary School Teacher, and everyone attending the course will receive their own copy of the book.

Who is the book for?

The book is for teachers of any age group, in whatever school or LEA you teach in. It is operational, classroom based and as practical as Cath could make it. It is also a book for school and LEA senior leaders.

What does it look like?

There is a section for every letter of the alphabet (see the table below). Each section begins with an introduction, followed by a section headed ‘hints and tips’, a conclusion and finishes with a ‘be aware’ section. It is the same format throughout the book. The hints and tips sections include as many practical examples as possible.

Both the Teaching & Learning course and the book, Being an Effective Primary School Teacher, will provide teachers with a practical guide, a toolkit really, of hints, tips and ideas to help you be a highly effective primary school teacher wherever you are currently teaching.

This course has expired.
Target Group: Deputy Heads, Headteachers, Phase Leaders, SLT, TAs, Teachers
The Teaching & Learning day course will include guidance support and clarity on the following aspects of teaching & learning: Contents A-Z Sections of the book
  • A - Annual Events N-New ideas and New initiatives managing change
  • B - Balance O-Organisation and funding of resources
  • C - Continuous and enhanced provision including ‘Missions’ in KS2
  • D - Displays
  • E -  Evidence (including ‘catching the learning’ that doesn’t go into a book)
  • F - Focussed tasks
  • G - Group working
  • H - Homework
  • I - Independence
  • J - Jobs-(including time management)
  • K - Keeping control-(behaviour management)
  • L - Long term topics
  • M - Monitoring
  • N - New ideas and New initiatives managing change
  • O - Organisation and funding of resources
  • P - Pupil voice
  • Q - Questioning
  • R - Roleplay
  • S - Support staff
  • T - Timetabling
  • U - Using the outdoors
  • V - Visits and visitors
  • W - Whole school (consistency)
  • X - X-ray-(forensically reflecting on your classroom)
  • Y - Your room-(effective environments)
  • Z - Zero tolerance-(non-negotiables)

Course Presenter: Cath Delve

FOUNDATION PHASE/ OUTDOOR LEARNING/ WHOLE SCHOOL ISSUES - Cath Delve provides training, guidance and support to schools and LEAs all over Wales. Her courses cover a wide range of topics such as creating independent learners, outdoor learning, pupil voice and well-being, raising the attainment of boys, progression in continuous and enhanced provision, planning and the curriculum, being an effective Foundation Phase leader, literacy, numeracy, creativity, assessment, raising standards through display, transition, moving towards the new curriculum, developing the role of support staff and the exemplary delivery of the Foundation Phase. Some of her initiatives such as ‘Freaky Friday,’ ‘Igloo’ and ‘Messy Monday’ have been implemented and used by schools all over Wales and into England. In addition to working for Collective Learning as a course provider Cath Delve is also an independent educational consultant working alongside many, many schools all over Wales to help them improve their environments, provision, curriculum, everyday practice with a view to raising standards and moving forward in every way. Search for Courses

Course Location: South Wales - Cardiff

Future Inn, Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4AU   START TIME: 8.30am coffee and registration for a 9.00am start
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  • Anti-bac stations will continue to be in place.
  • Social distancing encouraged in all public areas.
  • Enhanced cleaning of public areas & high-level touch areas, this includes conference area.
  • Staff members continuing to wear masks and guests asked to wear masks in all public areas. 
  • One way system when entering and exiting hotel.  
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  • Lunches (in individual bags) served in training room with a choice of standard, vegetarian, vegan or specific dietary requirement – if possible, please advise of gluten free or other dietary requirements in advance.

(Autumn 2021)

The Future Inn, Cardiff Bay