LIVE ONLINE VIRTUAL – “Making Connections” Between the Mathematics and Numeracy and Language, Literacy and Communication AoLEs – Helen Bowen & Lynwen Barnsley

Curriculum for Wales 2022 is a holistic curriculum that allows learning to be drawn from across the different areas of learning and experience.

As we begin to embed the new curriculum over the next few years, schools will need to explore how they can make manageable links. How can we use literacy skills in a meaningful way to develop and improve mathematical understanding? Where is the natural overlap?

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Target Group: Primary Teachers
On this day we will explore the links and will also consider:
  •  Where is the literacy in mathematics? Where are the opportunities for developing literacy skills?
  • What are the good speaking, listening and reading strategies that can help make sense of mathematics and develop reasoning skills?
  • Do you have a toolkit to support talk in mathematics and numeracy? Is it consistent? Is it progressive? Are pupils able to use the toolkit independently, at home as well as in school? in school as well as in the home environment?
Lynwen Barnsley and Helen Bowen are joining forces for the day. They will explore these questions and provide practical solutions for teachers or leaders/members of the AoLE teams. The format of training session will be somewhat different as we will be ‘meeting’ live, but on screen.
  • The training will be for a small group so that we can be interactive.
  • The day will be chunked into a series of bitesize pieces and will include tasks for reflection as well as discussion and collaboration.
  • The day will also provide practical ideas for auditing your current provision, as well as supporting effective implementation of the new curriculum.
What Happens Prior to the Event?
  • Helen Bowen will send through a meeting link to the person who is attending so that they can join us live on the day.
  • The meeting room will only be available to those who have been sent the link and will be admitted to the room on the day.
  • For safety, the meeting room will then be ‘locked’ once the training has started, and no other participants will be able to enter.
  • All materials will be sent electronically to the attendee after the event.
N.B. The attendee may choose to attend the training from their home base, if this has been approved by the school.

Course Presenters: Helen Bowen, Lynwen Barnsley

Helen Bowen

ENGLISH and LITERACY - Helen Bowen started teaching in 1994 and has 11 years’ experience as a Primary School Teacher in Bridgend. During this time, she was also a visiting lecturer at Bridgend College working with Learning Support Assistants. Advisory Experience: Helen Bowen was a member of the Newport Literacy Team for 9 years and for 3 years led on English and literacy in the region across primary and secondary schools. She was the regional representative to Welsh Government for the South East of Wales from 2010 to 2013 and was the System Leader with responsibility for English and Literacy in the EAS. Other Experience: An ESTYN Team Inspector, Helen Bowen has sat on a number of national advisory panels including National Drama and the Arts Review Panel, which reported to Welsh Government in the Summer of 2013. She has advised universities in Wales on developing literacy in Initial Teacher Training and was the Deputy Chief Examiner for KS2/3 Assessment from 2009 to 2012. Helen is an external consultant to Welsh Government, and has worked on a number of projects with them. This includes creating the National Literacy Framework representing South East Wales, writing the guidance for the revised English and Welsh PoS in 2015 and more recently creating two ‘mythbusting’ documents on the NLNF and the National Reading Tests. She is also the literacy consultant for the National Union of Teachers and has lead their annual ‘New and Young Teachers’ Conference’ across Wales with key notes and workshops on literacy. Philosophy: Supporting Schools, Securing Excellence, Helen believes that rich contexts for learning are key to the raising of standards and the development of literacy skills both within English and throughout the curriculum. She has used oracy and drama for many years to explore challenging subject matters and has worked with schools across Wales to explore how this can impact on the key literacy competencies of oracy, reading and writing. This includes using drama to explore philosophical concepts through ‘teacher in role’ and whole class engagement with complex scenarios. Helen is also the creator of ‘Reading Attack’ which is currently used by over 100 schools to develop pupil independence and reading stamina. Search for Courses

Lynwen Barnsley

MATHEMATICS & NUMERACY – Lynwen Barnsley provides training and support for schools in all aspects of mathematics and numeracy. Lynwen’s training courses focus on the why and how of teaching mathematics, providing practical ideas and approaches that ensure learners “make sense” of maths and develop as independent mathematical thinkers. Her training covers a wide range of ideas and topics, such as developing numerical reasoning, the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, bar modelling, mastery, problem-solving, mathematical communication and thinking, fluency and flexibility with mathematical ideas, assessment for learning, creativity and using numeracy across the curriculum in meaningful ways. Her Digit Dog character and blog are used in many classrooms to develop mathematical thinking and reasoning in young learners. Lynwen Barnsley also works across the UK as a consultant for Numicon and Inspire Maths (OUP) and has many years experience as a CAME and Let’s Think  tutor. Search for Courses