Leading an AoLE Booklet – Welsh Version

This Welsh language publication has been written to provide comprehensive guidance and support for newly appointed and recently appointed leaders of AoLE’s  in primary schools. It is a Generic Leadership book that can be used by all AoLE leads to provide better depth, coverage and consistency across the progression steps.

With a national focus  on curriculum development, and assessment practices, this wide-ranging resource can be viewed as an early leadership resource in itself. It can be used as a workbook to support CPD, as well as a general source of information and auditing resources. Chapters are broken into modules and they include:

  • CfW and your AoLE…The Big picture!
  •  your AoLE and curriculum development 
  • assessment and progression in an AoLE
  • monitoring and evaluating your AoLE
  • evaluating your personal role
  • action planning and managing change

There are questions throughout the book to challenge AoLE leaders,  their thinking and understanding of their AoLE. In addition there are a wide variety of resources and proformas that can be used to support their work in school, including comprehensive self audits to help them identify key priorities for development, as well as how to effectively turn these into an action plan.

Cost: £75 + £5 postage and packaging
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Target Group: AoLE Leaders

Course Presenter: Huw Duggan

LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT - Huw is passionate about learning, coaching and facilitation. He advocates an ASK not TELL approach to training. His sessions are engaging, interactive and generally involve lots of post it notes! His areas of expertise are: Teaching and Learning; Developing Pedagogy; Independent and interdependent learning; and of course, ‘closing the achievement gap’. Huw also coaches school leaders and leadership teams. Huw Duggan has worked in a range of roles, in a number of local authorities, and countries. His fascination with education and learning began when he was diagnosed as dyslexic at university, which steered him on his career in to education. This career path began as a learning support assistant in a difficult inner-city school in Leeds, before becoming a qualified teacher, and successful school leader. Eventually he was drawn back to Wales, on secondment, to support the Central South Consortium’s vision of a school led system. Huw is currently educational director of the ‘Right Learning Company’ based in South Wales. He was a Fast Track teacher and one of the youngest deputies to achieve NPQH at 28. Huw ran a cohort 1 teaching school in Oldham where he was responsible for 900 NQTs across the LA; ran Oldham’s teaching pool; facilitated school to school support and developed a highly successful school direct programme with Huddersfield University. As a Strategic Advisor for Central South Consortium, Huw was responsible for effectively developing and communicating the region’s strategy designed to close the achievement gap. As well as challenging and supporting schools in 5 LA’s regarding the performance of FSM pupils and the impact of the Pupil Development Grant. Huw has also worked with OLEVI International as a facilitator and Quality Assurance consultant. Huw Duggan is a qualified Estyn Inspector for the primary sector. Search for courses Our Partners The Right Learning Company 

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