Humanities Coordinator Support

Course date: 24th May 2022

Our original strategic course from Collective Learning provides an essential fundamental insight into how the Humanities AoLE is structured, what it comprises and how to make sense of these needs and requirements. A really useful first step.

The Humanities AoLE has been compared by some to a plate of cooked spaghetti; a bit of a tangled mess, tricky to deal with, but very tasty just the same. This follow-up course is aimed specifically at Humanities Coordinators, to furnish them with the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to lead, support and inspire their colleagues, and ensure that the potential tangle is actually blended into a healthy and nutritious dish.

£190.00 + VAT (20%)

Target Group: Humanities Coordinators
The Humanities Coordinator Support course divides into 4 sections: 1) Introduction and Overview dealing both with general questions and specific issues confronting a Coordinator or team leader:
  • personal knowledge and skills - can I lead by example?
  • how do I upskill and support my colleagues?
  • how do I monitor coverage, achievement, strengths and weaknesses across the whole school?
  • how can I gather and record evidence for the above?
  • how do I identify resource and training needs?
2) Planning
  • approaches to whole-school planning (incorporating WM statements and disciplinary skills)
  • using, developing and supporting Cross-Curricular skills
  • History and Geography skills - connections, comparisons and links with WM statements
  • D of L overview and implications for topic content
3) Generic Teaching and Learning tools
  • what do we mean by enquiry or investigation? How does it look in practice?
  • visual frameworks to support abstract concepts such as time, distance and space (i.e. timelines, maps and plans)
  • generic learner recording sheets - to help focus learners minds during information and resource
  • gathering
4) Assessment
  • skills progression and desired outcomes of learning
  • learner self assessment
  • approaches to assessment and Assessment Aid tool
  • auditing topics to ensure they are skills-rich and meet new curriculum needs
The Humanities Coordinator Support course will provide a wide range of custom-made support documents to help Coordinators and their colleagues to implement both our ideas and approaches and new curriculum requirements.

Course Presenter: Don Trueman

HISTORY and GEOGRAPHY - Don Trueman supports primary school planning for skills development in History. In more recent years he’s offered support for Geography at primary level and also runs his own consultancy, offering training, teaching sessions and planning / teaching / learning resources. Don Trueman was previously an LEA adviser. Search for courses

Course Location: South Wales - Cardiff

Future Inn, Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4AU   START TIME: 8.30am coffee and registration for a 9.00am start
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(Autumn 2021)

The Future Inn, Cardiff Bay