FP Mastering Mathematics– what matters – SOUTH WALES (Cardiff)

An opportunity to unpick and understand the big ideas and what matters in mathematics, and to explore the teaching approaches that ensure learners develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

£180.00 + VAT (20%)

Target Group: FP Teachers, TAs

Course objectives

This day will be “hands-on”  - full of practical ideas, strategies and techniques for developing “number sense” in young children.  We will consider ways to ensure that young learners have a firm foundation in mathematical learning so that they develop into confident, independent mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • consider the mastery approach to teaching mathematics and what this looks like in FP classrooms;
  • explore, through practical activities, the use of the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to develop deep understanding of mathematical concepts;
  • focus on the development of conceptual understanding so that children have a “feel” for number and can apply their skills in a range of contexts;
  • look at the key concepts, the “big ideas”, that children need to understand  in order to become fluent in all areas of maths;
  • show how this approach meets the purposes and aims of Successful Futures.

Course Presenter: Lynwen Barnsley

MATHEMATICS and NUMERACY - Lynwen currently works as an independent numeracy consultant. An experienced practitioner she has taught across all primary age groups. She has been a deputy head and, most recently, a mathematics adviser where she gained extensive experience of providing training and support for teachers in mathematics and numeracy. She was part of the advisory group that originally developed the Literacy and Numeracy Framework. Lynwen is a consultant and trainer for Numicon and Inspire Maths and has many years experience delivering training in CAME and Let’s Think. Lynwen firmly believes that effective teaching places the learner at the centre and that in order to learn effectively children need to be active and to talk about their learning and thinking. She has developed approaches in mathematics that promote conceptual understanding and learner independence rather than an over-emphasis on the learning of procedures and techniques. In numeracy she has developed meaningful ways for learners to use their skills across the curriculum.

Course Location: South Wales

Future Inn, Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay CF10 4AU