Finding Our Way – Topic Resource – Don Trueman & Linzi Robinson

Developing the language of direction, distance, position and movement with early years learners.

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Target Group: PS1 Teachers, PS2 Teachers
Relevance: Geography / Language & Literacy / Maths & Numeracy / DC What Matters 1, 2 PS1, PS2
Learning how to ‘find our way’ is an ongoing theme throughout early years and beyond. Finding our way helps children to develop their skills and understanding of direction, position, and movement. It has natural links with the numeracy framework (shape and space; position, movement) and Digital Competence (algorithms). The Finding Our Way topic involves the following:
  • using simple maps
  • plans and grids
  • learning how to give, receive and act upon instructions
  • using purposeful collaborative talk
  • developing simple, everyday language and vocabulary to describe location and direction in both absolute and relative terms
Finding Our Way includes a variety of suggested activities of varying depth and complexity which can be amended to suit learners’ ages and abilities and returned to and emphasised throughout PS 1 / 2. This theme also connects and overlaps naturally with another Don Trueman Educational Topic What Kind of Place is This?
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