Dip into Drama PLUS

An award-winning drama syllabus plus comprehensive training for PS1

Deliver the ‘Dip into Drama’ syllabus and provide opportunities for children to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding across all areas of the curriculum, specifically:

  • Health and Well-being – work towards 100% of progression steps
  • Expressive Arts – work towards over 72% of progression steps
  • Languages, Literacy and communication – work towards over 57% of progression steps
£245.00 + VAT (20%)

  • 78 lesson plans (‘adventures’)
  • 19 short lessons (online, revisit at any time) 
  • Curriculum documents 
  • Ongoing support 
  • Lifetime access to syllabus and lessons
PLUS CPD for your setting, delivered by founder, Sarah Owen. In a one-hour, online training session you will learn:
  • Two powerful Pyjama Drama techniques that help children understand and follow instructions first time 
  • How to integrate these techniques into your daily practice to ignite children’s imaginations and create a more playful, positive learning environment 
  WATCH PYJAMA DRAMA IN ACTION! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7AirIlWlRg FAQ’s  What skills will I develop? In total, you will learn how to use five Pyjama Drama techniques and how to deliver our twenty-minute lesson plans (‘adventures’) with skill and confidence.   What skills will children develop? Everything we do at Pyjama Drama develops children’s life skills. UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO all list problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal skills, self-awareness, empathy, coping with stress and dealing with emotions as the ten core life skills children need to lead happy, healthy, successful lives. You will see all these skills being developed when you use our approach and deliver our resources.   What happens in an ‘adventure’? In each adventure, children play a game that takes place in a different imaginary world – in the jungle or outer space, at the farm or on the bottom of the ocean for example, and our easy-to-follow Adventure Plans will guide you every step of the way. Each adventure is designed to last around 20 minutes but everyone is different so some children may want to spend longer playing and for others, 10 – 15 minutes will be just right.   What’s the recommended number of children for adventures? The is no set recommended number. Space permitting, you can take large groups of up to 30 children on our adventures, and even a single child will benefit from playing with their favourite adult!   What topics are covered? Adventures are inspired by the following topics: All About Me, Animals, Emotions,  Festivals and Celebrations, Friends and Family, Much Loved Characters, Mythical Characters, People Who Help Us, Physical Health, Seasons and Life Cycles, Toys and Games, Transport, Who Lives in the Garden?   When can I book my CPD training? As soon as you purchase ‘Dip into Drama’ LUS, we will get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time to train you and your team. This training will take place via Microsoft Teams. 

Course Presenter: Pyjama Drama: Sarah Owen and Rachel McKenna

Sarah Owen
With a passionate belief that drama can help children realise their full potential, Sarah started her career over 25 years ago as a drama and English teacher, teaching in secondary schools in England and Wales. She also has extensive experience facilitating drama workshops for young people and adults. In 2005, Sarah developed the Pyjama Drama programme, delivering drama and imaginative play classes for children in nurseries, preschools, and primary schools. Since then, she has trained individuals across the UK and internationally (in Australia, California, China, India, and Malaysia) how to use her approach – individuals often with no prior experience of using drama, or without formal teaching experience. In 2018, Sarah began co-developing courses and resources for early years educators and primary school teachers that enable them to use her techniques and approaches in their practice with confidence and skill.
Rachel McKenna
Rachel began teaching in 2004 as a secondary school art teacher, and later an assistant Head of Year. With a passionate belief that the arts provide teachers with unrivalled tools to boost social and emotional learning, it was a natural progression some years later when she began working as a director at Pyjama Drama. Rachel has worked closely with her sister, Sarah, to co-develop courses and resources for teachers who recognise the power of drama, but are reticent to use it in their practice either because of a lack of time, knowledge, or because they consider themselves to be naturally shy. As a non-drama specialist herself, one of Rachel’s roles is to ensure that courses are inclusive even for those with no prior drama experience, ensuring that anyone can access, and feel confident using, Pyjama Drama techniques. Her art and design background is put to use to create training resources that are easy to follow and visually engaging. Awards 2022 ‘Dip into Drama resource subscription’ – shortlisted Creative Play category, Teach Early Years awards 2021 ‘An Introduction to Early Years Imaginative Play - 5* winner CPD category, Teach Early Years awards 2021 ‘How to Become an Expert in Early Years Imaginative Play’ – shortlisted CPD Category, Teach Early Years awards 2020: ‘The Way I Feel’- 4* winner Language and Communication category, Teach Early Years awards 2020 ‘How to Become an Expert in Early Years Imaginative Play’ – Shortlisted in CPD Category, Teach Early Years awards