Digit Dog Challenges – Exploring Additive Relationships

This pack, aimed at Progression Step 2 (Years 1 – 3), focuses on solving problems that involve additive relationships.

Digit Dog and his bones are used as a context for developing mathematical communication, explaining and exploring additive relationships, and solving missing number problems.

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Target Group: PS2 Teachers, Y1 Y2 Y3 Teachers
Each of the Digit Dog Challenges packs contains 5 challenge cards, linked to a theme, concept or resource.  The five proficiencies are embedded in the Digit Dog Challenges so that the focus of the tasks is not just the mathematical content but also the processes and thinking involved – the how as well as the what. Each challenge card has teacher notes with clear suggestions for:
  • questions that encourage thinking and communication
  • sentence patterns to develop mathematical language
  • ways to approach the task
Each Exploring Additive Relationships pack contains:
  • An explanation of how Digit Dog Challenges address the five proficiencies
  • Links to the relevant Descriptions of Learning with explanations of language used
  • Five challenges with teacher notes
  • A5 sized copies of each challenge that can be used for enhanced provision, a challenge area or independent work
  • Any paper resources needed for the challenges

Course Presenter: Lynwen Barnsley

MATHEMATICS & NUMERACY – Lynwen Barnsley provides training and support for schools in all aspects of mathematics and numeracy. Lynwen’s training courses focus on the why and how of teaching mathematics, providing practical ideas and approaches that ensure learners “make sense” of maths and develop as independent mathematical thinkers. Her training covers a wide range of ideas and topics, such as developing numerical reasoning, the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, bar modelling, mastery, problem-solving, mathematical communication and thinking, fluency and flexibility with mathematical ideas, assessment for learning, creativity and using numeracy across the curriculum in meaningful ways. Her Digit Dog character and blog are used in many classrooms to develop mathematical thinking and reasoning in young learners. Lynwen Barnsley also works across the UK as a consultant for Numicon and Inspire Maths (OUP) and has many years experience as a CAME and Let’s Think  tutor. Search for Courses

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