Air Travel – Topic Resource – Don Trueman & Linzi Robinson

Is the world a better place now that humans can fly?

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Target Group: PS3 Teachers
Relevance: History/Social Studies/Geography What Matters 1, 2, 3, 5 PS3 (ideally)
The Air Travel topic investigates the invention and early development of flying machines at the turn of the 20th century, and then compares this phenomenon with the impact of jet-age flight on society in the first two decades or of the 21st. Through their own research, learners will discover that although early flight caused a sensation, it had little impact on daily life, whereas the massive expansion of air travel has brought huge benefits to humans but only at the cost of severe atmospheric pollution and threats to unique, beautiful but fragile environments. Is the world really a better place now that humans can fly? This is a complex and tricky question with no definite answers, but by exploring and debating differing viewpoints and factors, learners can make their own judgements and develop informed opinions on Air Travel.
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