25 Arwyddion ystafell ddosbarth – Yn Gymraeg gyda ffin werdd – Cath Delve

Set o 25 yn barod i argraffu Arwyddion Dosbarth

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Target Group: N/R Teachers, Primary Teachers
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Course Presenter: Cath Delve

FOUNDATION PHASE/ OUTDOOR LEARNING/ WHOLE SCHOOL ISSUES - Cath Delve provides training, guidance and support to schools and LEAs all over Wales. Her courses cover a wide range of topics such as creating independent learners, outdoor learning, pupil voice and well-being, raising the attainment of boys, progression in continuous and enhanced provision, planning and the curriculum, being an effective Foundation Phase leader, literacy, numeracy, creativity, assessment, raising standards through display, transition, moving towards the new curriculum, developing the role of support staff and the exemplary delivery of the Foundation Phase. Some of her initiatives such as ‘Freaky Friday,’ ‘Igloo’ and ‘Messy Monday’ have been implemented and used by schools all over Wales and into England. In addition to working for Collective Learning as a course provider Cath Delve is also an independent educational consultant working alongside many, many schools all over Wales to help them improve their environments, provision, curriculum, everyday practice with a view to raising standards and moving forward in every way. Search for Courses