Understanding the AoLE for Expressive Arts – Online Course – Dave Powell and Huw Duggan

This Online course costs £400 plus VAT. This entitles the purchasing school unlimited access until 31st July 2022

Are you ready to implement the new Expressive Arts AoLE?

What changes will you need to make?

This course will provide practical strategies for auditing your current provision and ensuring effective implementation of the new curriculum.

£400.00 + VAT (20%)

  • Getting ready for the new AoLE for Expressive Arts
  • Identifying the important changes - what is the same and what is different about the new and old curriculum?
  • Unpicking and understanding the language of the new curriculum
  • Identifying the key knowledge and skills and making links to the four purposes
  • Identifying effective approaches in Expressive Arts teaching
  • Developing an action plan for implementing change back in school

course attendee quote What people say about the New Expressive Arts AoLE course...

"Interactive with great strategies shared - made the documentation easier to follow! Diolch Very useful to plan topic with others." Course delegate Oct 2019

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I'm excited to start using the new curriculum - especially after today as I feel much more reassured. Brilliantly delivered, great rapport between the speakers!" Course delegate Oct 2019

"A very inspiring course. Lots of fab ideas of which to take back to school and se within my planning and delivery of the new curriculum." Course delegate Oct 2019