Tinkering with your Micro-bits


Target GroupKS2 Teachers


13 June 2018
Price: £ 276.00
Venue: Future Inn Cardiff Bay, Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF10 4AU
Time: 8.30 registration for a 9am start
Cost of course is £230 + VAT


This exciting, new practical course is a brilliant way to cost effectively address some of the key aspects of computational thinking along with coding and supporting the effective delivery of control technology in the Design and Technology Curriculum. The course will focus on bringing together aspects of the DCF, DT curriculum and the new Donaldson curriculum STEM proposals. Taking these ideas back to school will engage and enthuse your pupils in an exciting, fun and innovative way. Pupils who have already worked with Micro:bits enjoy the challenge of seeing their coding tasks successfully transferred to a 'real life' output that they have designed and made. 
This one day course will be an introduction to the BBC Micro:bit followed by many tried and tested practical activities. Participants will have the opportunity to code and 'tinker' with their Micro:bit to develop their skills and confidence in coding. The afternoon will be focused on designing and making a cross curricular DT project that will incorporate the Micro:bit. All participants will leave the course with their own BBC Micro:bit!

Course Provider: Gareth Morgan

Gareth's primary school teaching career began in 1996, then in 2003 he joined Newport LA as ICT curriculum improvement adviser.For almost 12 years he has worked across south Wales providing advice, support and training in the use of ICT as a curriculum subject, and also in it's effective use across the curriculum to schools.

He has an MSc in eLearning and is an ICT Mark assessor for NAACE. Gareth was also previously employed by the Welsh Government as their ICT subject adviser, where he worked closely on what it means for pupils to be digital competent or literate. He was a past member of the National Digital Learning Council (NDLC), a body which provides advice to the Welsh Government on the use of technology to support learning and teaching, and also part of the group that produced the influential, "Find it, make it, use it, share it: learning in digital Wales" report.

Gareth has a strong interest in the effective use of 'cloud technologies' such as Google Apps for Education or Office 365, along with social learning platforms to improve collaboration and communication at all levels.