Sensory Engagement for Mental Well Being


Target GroupStaff from special school settings who support students with profound disabilities


16 November 2017
Price: £ 216.00
Venue: Future Inn Cardiff Bay, Hemingway Road, Cardiff CF10 4AU
Time: 8.30am registration for a 9.00am start
Cost of course £180 plus VAT

The day will look at simple sensory strategies that can be employed to improve the mental well being of Sensory Beings (people whose primary experience of the world, and meaning within it, is sensory, for example individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities). We also look at how these strategies can be extended to support our own well being.

At a time when we are considering mental health first aid for all it is important that we also turn our attention to those who are unable to access support through traditional means. Research shows that the more disabled a person is the more likely they are to experience mental ill health, which means it is especially important that we look to be proactive in caring for the mental well being of those likely to be at greatest risk.

The day will be collaborative, enlightening and empowering and should enable you to make simple instant changes to your practice that will have a positive impact on the mental well being of the Sensory Beings in your care.

Staff from special school settings who support students with profound disabilities.


Course Provider: Joanna Grace

Joanna Grace is an international special educational needs and disabilities consultant.who has been providing training and creating resources since 2010. Joanna is experienced at working with individuals with special educational needs and disabilities across a range of settings and ages, including mainstream nursery, primary and secondary school, special schools and adult care. She is a qualified teacher and holds a masters in special education. Joanna keeps up to date with research into sensory engagement work and ensures all her training days are informed by knowledge founded in research. As well as her professional experience Joanna draws on insight from her private life, including time spent as a foster carer, to inform her presentations..

Joanna has written educational resources for students in special schools on behalf of numerous organisations, including Oxfam, Booktrust, Kensington Palace, Worldstories and Amnesty International. In 2013 Joanna set up the Sensory Project believing that with the right knowledge and a little creativity simple, inexpensive sensory resources can become powerful tools for inclusion. Joanna has written for a wide variety of journals, magazines and online publications, including Learning Disability Today, PMLD link, SEN Leader magazine, Education for Everybody, The Guardian and The TES Pro.

In all her work Joanna is seeking to contribute to a world where people are understood in spite of their differences.

Available NOW on Amazon Joanna's new book: Sensory-Being for Sensory Beings