Planning the Outdoor Space in Foundation Phase


Target GroupFP teachers and TAs


26 June 2018
Price: £ 216.00
Venue: Future Inn Cardiff Bay, Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF10 4AU
Time: 8:30 am registration for 9 am start
Cost of course is £180 plus VAT

Outside space: big ‘bit’ or small ‘bit’? How can we use it?

“Active learning approaches and the use of the outdoor learning environment help pupils to be more engaged in their learning, particularly boys …”
‘Active and experiential learning’ ESTYN December 2017

Introducing, organising, and managing an outdoor classroom can be extremely challenging, especially in schools where there is little access to suitable outdoor space. This event will focus specifically on areas adjacent to classrooms (the ‘bit’ outside the classroom) and will provide practitioners with the opportunity to refine and further develop current systems for creating, organising and managing this interesting area!

Course Objectives:

  • ensure high quality outdoor spaces/classrooms across the FP that are efficiently resourced and managed, no matter how big or small 
  • embrace opportunities to create and further develop areas adjacent to classrooms so they provide a range of effective and productive activities which support current learning and children’s interests
  • share a range of excellent outdoor spaces/classroom provision
  • provide opportunities to plan for specific high quality outdoor space/classroom provision
  • provide examples of Literacy/Numeracy skill progression across the FP
  • demonstrate the role of the adult in scaffolding and supporting children’s learning and development outdoors

 Delegates attending the training will have electronic access to a bank of open ended ‘user friendly’ activity cards which can be used from Nursery to Year 2

 PLEASE NOTE: This is an indoor event, delegates will not need to wear outdoor clothing/footwear as the event will focus on planning and designing areas adjacent to classrooms.

Course Provider: Jen Summers

Jen Summers has over 30 years’ experience in primary education. During her career she has taught in and managed two large multicultural nurseries in challenging circumstances, and been a member of Senior Leadership Teams in large primary schools. She fully understands leadership and management structures and the processes involved in raising standards. She is an ‘Associate of the London College of Music’, an experienced musician and a great believer in the creative arts and the important role they play for young children in the standards agenda.
Jen held the post of Foundation Phase Training and Support Officer for Newport from 2007 – 2013 and then became part of a vibrant Foundation Phase Team in the SEWales EAS Consortium, working closely with schools and settings to ensure high quality Foundation Phase provision for all children across the region.  
She has delivered extensive training in all aspects of Foundation Phase pedagogy and practice to diverse audiences including head teachers, senior leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, governors as well as staff in non maintained settings.  She has also lectured Early Years MA students at UWN. 
Jen is passionate about education and believes it should be an exciting journey for all children. She is keen to work with schools to promote the development of the whole child through rich, engaging and meaningful experiences where children increasingly take responsibility for their own learning in order to become confident, competent and resilient learners for the rest of their lives.