Specialist Course Providers 2018-2019

  • Ann Samuel

    Ann is an Educational Consultant, she has 20 years’ advisory experience. Previously she worked as the Strategic Lead for Welsh in Central South Consortium, with a key responsibility for Welsh and Welsh second language across the five LEAs within the Consortium- Cardiff, RCT, Vale of Glamorgan, Merthyr and Bridgend. This included all aspects of Central training, school to school support, commissioning and brokering support tailored to meet the individual needs of each school.

    During her career Ann has worked as a consultant for numerous educational establishments including WJEC, BBC Cymru,Tinopolis, Espresso Education one of the leading digital curriculum provider in the UK based in London, Tafol developing ‘Campau Cosmig’ Apps for Welsh Second language, CATS Cymru-Assessment agency linked to Bangor University and London University focusing on exemplifying the National Curriculum and included managing and delivering conferences throughout Wales. She has been invited on numerous monitoring panels by WG to develop new sector leading material and to run workshops to demonstrate leading edge practice within the Welsh Second language sector.
    Ann was invited by WG to become a member of the National Steering Group for Welsh Second Language Policy to address some of the issues faced by practitioners and learners in this field.
    Recently 2012-2016 Ann led a successful 4 year project for WG looking at strategies to develop the Welsh language across the curriculum.
    Ann strongly believes that Welsh is a living language and should be taught as such –her fun approach through language games, drama and song ensures that the enjoyable learning environment encourages all to further develop their skills in the Welsh language.
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