Specialist Course Providers 2017-2018

  • Karen Mills

    Karen was the Curriculum Improvement Advisor for Science and ESDGC for Newport City Council as well as the regional coordinator for ESDGC Schools Networks. She has an M.A. in Early Years Education and was a Foundation Phase team inspector for Estyn.

    She was a member of the working party for DCELLS Science Curriculum 2008 She was co-author of Module 6 for the Foundation Phase and was a member of the WAG working group that developed ESDGC ‘A Common Understanding for Schools’.

  • Nicola S Morgan

    Nicola S Morgan is an international behaviour management consultant/teacher and has over fifteen years experience working in a variety of early years, primary and secondary settings, including mainstream and special needs schools.
    During this time she has developed a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging classes and pupils as well as motivating and inspiring staff to help implement change and ensure sustainability. Consequently, she now runs training courses for schools/parents and is often invited to speak at key conferences on effective ways to help manage pupils within school and ways to create a positive learning environment. Nicola is also an International Values Education (IVET) approved trainer and an NLP Master Practitioner. She has published the following books and articles:
    • The Family Values Scheme (Gillian Ellis and Nicola S.Morgan 2009)
    • The 5 Step Behaviour Programme (Nicola S. Morgan and Gillian Ellis 2009)
    • Quick, Easy and Effective Behaviour Management Ideas for the Classroom (Jessica Kingsley, 2009)
    • Articles for the Times Education Supplement on secondary behaviour management
    • A Kit Bag for Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom (Jessica Kingsley, 2011)
    • Tackling Behaviour in the Primary School (Routledge Publishers, 2012)
    • Changing Behaviour Through Better Home-School Relationships (Routledge Publishers, 2012)
    • Good Choice Teddy Handbook (Good Choice Teddy Ltd, 2012)
    • Behaviour Management in Primary Schools: A Practical Handbook (Welsh Assembly Government 
  • Peter Imray

    Peter Imray has been working in education for some 30 years, mainly as a teacher and school leader. He is now an independent trainer and advisor in the area of special educational needs and is the author of numerous articles on many subjects relating to SLD and PMLD.

    Peter’s first book (Turning the Tables on Challenging Behaviour) was published by Routledge in 2008, and his new book entitled Curricula for Teaching Children and Young People with Severe or Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, written with Viv Hinchcliffe was published, again by Routledge, in 2014.

  • Colin Green

    Colin Green  was for many years Lead Adviser in Newport CC. He  is now currently working with U.W.N. as a Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Management Studies.

  • Gareth Coombes

    Gareth is an Educational Consultant, he has 16 years’ advisory experience. Previously he has worked as a Challenge Adviser, a Lead Adviser in Newport LA, with a key responsibility for leadership and teaching and learning across the city's 54 primary schools. Prior to that Gareth worked in Torfaen and in an earlier life was a very successful primary headteacher.
    Gareth is an Estyn Inspector of both Key Stage 2 and Foundation Phase. He is experienced in international working, particularly in the Far East, most recently in Dubai and Myanmar. 
    In his INSET, he will outline successful strategies, citing the many instances of excellent and good practices that he observes on his travels. His Inset is underpinned by up-to-date educational research. He believes in supporting schools with the 'how to do it' as opposed to the 'what to do'. His style is engaging and varied! He tells it as it is! He has presented at range of conferences.
    Gareth’s fields of expertise are all aspects of leadership and effective teaching and learning. He has created a series of supportive educational products, particularly Leadership Continua, Middle Leaders Continua, Continua for LSAs, Continua for Kids and materials to support effective self-evaluation and work scrutiny! 
    In partnership, he has re-launched Teaching Continua, currently used in over 500 schools, as an on-line developmental self-evaluation tool for teachers and school development. He is currently working on materials to support schools in developing Successful Futures.
  • Helen Bowen

    Teaching Experience Helen started teaching in 1994 and has 11 years’ experience as a Primary School Teacher in Bridgend. During this time she was also a visiting lecturer at Bridgend College working with Learning Support Assistants.

    Advisory Experience Helen was a member of the Newport Literacy Team for 9 years and for 3 years led on English and literacy in the region across primary and secondary schools. She was the regional representative to Welsh Government for the South East of Wales from 2010 to 2013 and was the System Leader with responsibility for Literacy in the EAS.

    Other Experience An ESTYN Team Inspector, Helen has sat on a number of national advisory panels including National Drama and the Arts Review Panel, which reported to Welsh Government in the Summer of 2013. She has advised universities in Wales on developing literacy in Initial Teacher Training and was the Deputy Chief Examiner for KS2/3 Assessment from 2009 to 2012. Helen is an external consultant to Welsh Government, and has worked on a number of projects with them. This includes creating the National Literacy Framework representing South East Wales, writing the guidance for the revised English and Welsh PoS in 2015 and more recently creating two ‘mythbusting’ documents on the NLNF and the National Reading Tests. She is also the literacy consultant for the National Union of Teachers and has lead their annual ‘New and Young Teachers’ Conference’ across Wales with key notes and workshops on literacy. 

    Philosophy Supporting Schools, Securing Excellence, Helen believes that rich contexts for learning are key to the raising of standards and the development of literacy skills both within English and throughout the curriculum. She has used oracy and drama for many years to explore challenging subject matters and has worked with schools across Wales to explore how this can impact on the key literacy competencies of oracy, reading and writing. This includes using drama to explore philosophical concepts through ‘teacher in role’ and whole class engagement with complex scenarios. Helen is also the creator of ‘Reading Attack’ which is currently used by over 100 schools to develop pupil independence and reading stamina.
  • Upbeat Music and Arts - David Powell

    David Powell studied percussion and drum kit at Leeds College of Music followed by a post graduate course at the National Centre for Orchestral Studies, Goldsmith’s College London. On leaving college, he joined the critically acclaimed 50’s R & B band ‘The Big Town Playboys’ touring Britain and Europe and performing alongside Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton. 

    His teaching career started as a peripatetic teacher for Gwent Music Support Service in 1989 which inspired him to return to college to complete his PGCE in 1995. He had a very happy 3 years in the Year 5 classroom at The Gaer Junior, Newport before rejoining the Music Service as Assistant Head of Service in 2000.

    David formed ‘Upbeat Music and Arts’ in 2013 to provide projects, workshops and regular tuition for whole classes of children focussing on high class delivery whilst not losing sight of educating the whole child.  Upbeat has a wealth of talented and experienced teachers and facilitators and is developing a portfolio that inspires, invigorates and challenges pupils.  From high energy Taiko drumming through to iPad workshops with their ‘in house’ app developers and coders, Upbeat is bringing literacy alive through Rap and Hip Hop projects and numeracy  through technology.  

    To view their constantly evolving portfolio, visit  www.upbeatmusicandarts.co.uk/what-we-do


  • Richard Clement

    Richard has many years experience managing and running ICT based educational projects and has worked extensively to promote the use of technology in teaching and learning. Richard has an MA in Education Leadership & Management and he runs Leadership and Management CPD courses, he also teaches ICT across all education sectors. Richard is also an ICT consultant on school new builds and refurbishment projects. Richard is the e-learning Manager for Cardiff Schools’ Service and  has run Inset and twilight courses on embedding iPads into the curriculum, coding and programming and all other aspects of ICT in schools across the consortium. He is also an accredited e-safety assessor/consultant for the SWGfL and runs e-safety courses for teachers, children, parents and governors.
    Richard was the originator, editor and co-author of the highly successful Computing Unlocked ICT & Computing scheme of work and is currently working as an IT consultant for Eastern High School in Cardiff.
  • Sarah Dawson

    Sarah is a professional educator with sixteen years experience of teaching ICT across all education sectors and also delivers CPD to teaching staff and Senior Management. Sarah discovered her desire to teach whilst travelling abroad, she taught TEFL in Taiwan and on her return to the UK Sarah gained a PGCE at Cardiff University.
    Since September 2012 Sarah’s role has been within e-learning support for Cardiff Schools’ Service. She has worked across the Consortium training and advising schools in their use of ICT.
    Sarah is an e-safety accredited assessor/consultant  for SWGfL and an accredited HWB  trainer. Sarah is a keen photographer and her interests lay in using imagery alongside ICT in imaginative and creative ways to engage learners this is evident in her design of VLE’s and e-learning resources.
    Sarah recently co-authored and designed the successful Computing Unlocked ICT and Computing scheme of work.
  • Joanna Grace

    Joanna Grace is an international special educational needs and disabilities consultant.who has been providing training and creating resources since 2010. Joanna is experienced at working with individuals with special educational needs and disabilities across a range of settings and ages, including mainstream nursery, primary and secondary school, special schools and adult care. She is a qualified teacher and holds a masters in special education. Joanna keeps up to date with research into sensory engagement work and ensures all her training days are informed by knowledge founded in research. As well as her professional experience Joanna draws on insight from her private life, including time spent as a foster carer, to inform her presentations..

    Joanna has written educational resources for students in special schools on behalf of numerous organisations, including Oxfam, Booktrust, Kensington Palace, Worldstories and Amnesty International. In 2013 Joanna set up the Sensory Project believing that with the right knowledge and a little creativity simple, inexpensive sensory resources can become powerful tools for inclusion. Joanna has written for a wide variety of journals, magazines and online publications, including Learning Disability Today, PMLD link, SEN Leader magazine, Education for Everybody, The Guardian and The TES Pro.

    In all her work Joanna is seeking to contribute to a world where people are understood in spite of their differences.

    Available NOW on Amazon Joanna's new book: Sensory-Being for Sensory Beings




  • Cath Delve

    Cath Delve has 26 years of teaching experience in three very different primary schools. She has been a senior leader in all three schools, a deputy head teacher in two and an acting head teacher in one. She has provided training and presented to many audiences on a wide range of topics all over Wales. She has been writing and presenting courses for the last 10 years on subjects such as: outdoor learning, pupil voice and well-being, raising the attainment of boys, progression in continuous provision, planning and the curriculum, being an effective Foundation Phase leader, literacy, numeracy, creativity, assessment, raising standards through display, transition, developing the role of the teaching assistant and the exemplary delivery of the Foundation Phase. She is very interested in and has completed a lot of work on, children’s well-being and engagement and how they have an impact on standards and life-long learning.


    Some of her initiatives such as ‘Freaky Friday’ and ‘Messy Monday’ have been implemented and used by schools all over Wales and into England.

    In addition to working for Collective Learning as a course provider she is also an independent consultant working alongside schools all over Wales providing help, support and guidance on the successful delivery of the Foundation Phase. She is passionate about the Foundation Phase but only if it is delivered properly. She is married to a very patient man and has three very busy, individual teenagers!


  • Gareth Morgan

    Gareth's primary school teaching career began in 1996, then in 2003 he joined Newport LA as ICT curriculum improvement adviser.For almost 12 years he has worked across south Wales providing advice, support and training in the use of ICT as a curriculum subject, and also in it's effective use across the curriculum to schools.

    He has an MSc in eLearning and is an ICT Mark assessor for NAACE. Gareth was also previously employed by the Welsh Government as their ICT subject adviser, where he worked closely on what it means for pupils to be digital competent or literate. He was a past member of the National Digital Learning Council (NDLC), a body which provides advice to the Welsh Government on the use of technology to support learning and teaching, and also part of the group that produced the influential, "Find it, make it, use it, share it: learning in digital Wales" report.

    Gareth has a strong interest in the effective use of 'cloud technologies' such as Google Apps for Education or Office 365, along with social learning platforms to improve collaboration and communication at all levels.

  • Lynwen Barnsley

    Lynwen currently works as an independent numeracy consultant. An experienced practitioner she has taught across all primary age groups. She has been a deputy head and, most recently, a mathematics adviser where she gained extensive experience of providing training and support for teachers in mathematics and numeracy. She was part of the advisory group that originally developed the Literacy and Numeracy Framework. Lynwen is a consultant and trainer for Numicon and Inspire Maths and has many years experience delivering training in CAME and Let’s Think.

    Lynwen firmly believes that effective teaching places the learner at the centre and that in order to learn effectively children need to be active and to talk about their learning and thinking. She has developed approaches in mathematics that promote conceptual understanding and learner independence rather than an over-emphasis on the learning of procedures and techniques. In numeracy she has developed meaningful ways for learners to use their skills across the curriculum.
  • Stephanie Vaughan

    Stephanie has been working in education for over 25 years and is an experienced classroom practitioner, who understands the challenges teachers face providing a relevant and purposeful curriculum. She was, until recently, the Literacy Lead Advisor for Swansea; therefore, she has extensive experience of providing training and in-school support for primary teachers in English and whole school literacy. In addition, extensive pupil data from schools across Swansea proves that her training definitely raises standards.

    She is the author of The Eight Reading Behaviours and The Reading Journey, a new and comprehensive innovative resource that teaches pupils to read with enjoyment and purpose. She has also developed many of her own literacy strategies, such as The Writing Wheel and accompanying activities that help pupils to learn the steps in the writing process. She has written detailed progression models for aspects of reading and writing that help teachers to unpick the LNF.A belief that pupils need to understand how to read and write independently underpins her work and she offers literacy lessons that are enjoyable, interactive, and skill-centred.

    Stephanie’s training provides teachers with practical, easily implemented, and engaging solutions to literacy problems, and she provides schools with extensive and varied resources, which, according to feedback, have proved extremely popular with teachers and pupils.

  • Gareth Pimley

    Building on his experience of teaching in Shropshire primary schools and eighteen years with Shropshire Advisory Service, Gareth Pimley has worked as a freelance primary education consultant for the last six years. He provides advice, support and training in design and technology (D&T) to schools, local authorities, companies and other organisations.

    Gareth has a national reputation for his work in D&T, having previously been seconded to the Design and Technology Association as Assistant Chief Executive. He is a member of the Expert Subject Advisory Group for D&T and was a major contributor to the final draft of the National Curriculum 2014 programmes of study in England. 

  • Sarah Davies

    Sarah is an experienced teacher and Additional Learning Needs Coordinator with 28 years experience teaching in Australia and the UK. She gained Associate Membership of the British Dyslexia Association (AMBDA) in 2010 after successfully completing an accredited qualification in teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia) and has a current Assessment Practising Certificate (APC).

    Until recently Sarah worked for Swansea Local Authority as performance specialist for SEN providing training for teachers and teaching assistants on all aspects of dyslexia. In 2013 Sarah was responsible for revising and updating the criteria for the new Swansea Dyslexia Friendly School Award and was the lead assessor for the award. 
    She was the course leader for the Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Teaching Pupils with specific learning difficulties, jointly accredited by the British Dyslexia Association and University of Wales Trinity St David (Swansea), and was a member of the steering committee for the Graduate Diploma SEN programme at UWTSD.
    Sarah is passionate in her belief that children with dyslexia should have opportunities to fulfil their learning potential within a mainstream setting. Her workshops include practical multi-sensory strategies to support children in developing literacy skills as well as exploring ways in which they are able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in all curriculum areas.
  • Jen Summers

    Jen Summers has over 30 year’s experience in primary education. During her career she has taught in and managed two large multicultural nurseries in challenging circumstances, and been a member of Senior Leadership Teams in large primary schools. She fully understands leadership and management structures and the processes involved in raising standards. She is an ‘Associate of the London College of Music’, an experienced musician and a great believer in the creative arts and the important role they play for young children in the standards agenda.

    Jen held the post of Foundation Phase Training and Support Officer for Newport from 2007 – 2013 and then became part of a vibrant Foundation Phase Team in the SEWales EAS Consortium, working closely with schools and settings to ensure high quality Foundation Phase provision for all children across the region.  

    She has delivered extensive training in all aspects of Foundation Phase pedagogy and practice to diverse audiences including head teachers, senior leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, governors as well as staff in non maintained settings.  She has also lectured Early Years MA students at UWN.

    Over the last 2 years, Jen has been instrumental in developing a close partnership project between Wingate Children’s Centre Community Nursery School in Durham, and nurseries across SE Wales. This link has enabled the creation of professional learning communities and ‘hubs’ of excellence across the region.

    Jen is passionate about education and believes it should be an exciting journey for all children. She is keen to work with schools to promote the development of the whole child through rich, engaging and meaningful experiences where children increasingly take responsibility for their own learning in order to become confident, competent and resilient learners for the rest of their lives.

  • Kathryn Heath


    A highly motivated, enthusiastic and innovative primary classroom practitioner and senior manager with over twenty five years’ experience teaching across a range of year groups, cultural backgrounds and abilities. Kathryn continues to teach and therefore has a clear understanding of the day to day challenges faced by teachers.  Having recently spent two years as part of the Literacy team in Central South Consortium, Kathryn is adept at planning and delivering interactive and practical professional development sessions, providing clear explanations of strategies and processes and inspiring teachers to find new ways to enhance their teaching and improve standards in English and Literacy across the curriculum.  Her work in schools has had a positive impact on improving standards in Literacy which is reflected in the data.


  • Gaynor Murphy

    Gaynor has considerable experience of working with primary schools in a variety of contexts to improve the quality of teaching and learning of mathematics. This includes providing subject specific training, support, advice and professional development both centrally and school based. She is passionate about engaging pupils through active, relevant and enjoyable approaches to mathematics which allows them to gain confidence in understanding key mathematical concepts and a deep love of mathematics. She considers developing teachers confidence in use of assessment in classrooms is crucial to raise achievement and ensure every lesson engages all individual pupils at an appropriate level.

    Through her work with the Welsh Government, Gaynor has trained and supported schools across Wales in various roles. As the primary adviser for the Welsh Financial Education Unit WFEU) she co-wrote Welsh Government guidance on delivering financial education in schools and provided training and resources for schools across Wales linked to this. Working as a National Support Programme Partner, Gaynor worked with schools nationally supporting teachers, headteachers, teaching assistants and governors in effectively implementing the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF). 
    Her experience as an Estyn inspector enabled her to develop the skills to evaluate the quality of provision and to provide advice on effective school improvement. She has a Masters degree in Education and holds a NPQH. She is also a Numicon consultant and a Let's Think and PCame tutor.and is keen to promote a collaborative problem-solving approach to mathematics.
  • Claire Osbourne

    Claire has 30 + years of experience in education. A teacher and behaviour consultant for many years specialising in the area of SEMH in mainstream school settings. 

    Claire has also worked as a Team Leader of the Behaviour Support Advisory Team, Telford and Wrekin supporting schools to meet the needs of young people with SEMH in mainstream and special schools. Claire is also a keen solution focused practitioner and LEGO Education Academy Trainer, working to engage and motivate teachers, support staff and learners to use LEGO education in a creative curriculum to meet Ofsted and Estyn curriculum guidelines. 
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